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Krakatau - indonesia.com is one of the best travel agents in the island of Java , Indonesia ( West Java ) , located in Carita Beach . Krakatau indonesia.com / set all local or foreign tourists to visit all places - places of tourism and historic charm of natural scenery is amazing . national park west end . the one natural tourist destination which has a natural charm and a rich variety of flora and fauna . This place has a history of its own other than directly related to his erupting volcanic mountain kragatau . The combination of dense forests and white sand beaches that stretch the sea makes a beautiful sight . and this is one of the existing garden paradise in Indonesia .
We can also see some miracle his world .
Animal several rare species left on earth . One is the rhino / one-horned Javan rhinoceros is one of a family of ancient animals .
Javan rhino has a shy carpenter , who like a loner , and has a very keen sense of smell up to a radius of 500 meters
Not easy to see the animals on this one . but there are also other large animals bison / buffalo forest is very different from Java rhino air can adapt to human population groups are still intact and a more normal life .
To see the bison / buffalo forest locations we can visit some grazing meadow in the morning or evening .
Deer also live with a population that is still intact in the national park and the west end adapted to humans in several locations frequented by foreign tourists and local ( Peucang Island , Island handelem ) .
In addition there are other species is living in a national park west end like a leopard , monkeys , wild boar , lizards , snakes , crocodiles , peacocks , birds, hornbills , eagles and many other species

sunda strit map location krakatau indonesia and panitan island


by speed boat and we will wade through the waters of the Sunda Strait . The ocean that separates it between the island of Java and Sumatra islands . purpose of our journey is to explore the waters of the Sunda strait to see the charm child of Krakatoa / Krakatau vulcano . flashback this vulcano , is the son of the volcano Krakatoa / Krakatau vulcano formed from the remnants of which are still active caldera , a large Krakatau , which had rocked his world before the eruption that made thousands of people died in 1883 .
 Krakatau volcano /  child of krakatau vulcano now has become a tourist destination that has a lot of charm in Lampung waters . the weather was very supportive of us in going through the strait to visit the volcano one of the most active in the world . The starting point on the way to children ranging from the Krakatoa volcano in West Java, Carita Beach pier ( 1-1.5 hours away from Carita beach ) .


Sea journey by speedboat. journey to the island of Krakatoa from Carita beach take about 1.5 hours enough to get on the island of Krakatoa vulcano area. using a speed boat while enjoying the journey,  sometimes we can see some flying fish and dolphins playing in the bow of the boat ahead. unnoticed finally seen a black mountain high in the blue waters surrounded by the beauty of the trees - pine trees were still awake. after the boat docked, we immediately get down to set foot on the sandy ground black child of krakatau

Trekking also be activities when we are in  Krakatoa vulcano. Do not have to wait long, as soon as possible its climb that high only around 337m above sea level. breath raced with heavy steps in exploring the wilder side child of Krakatau / Krakatoa vulcano, pine trees growing around the foot of the Krakatoa vulcano looks so beautiful looks seen from the top of the vulcano , with the remnants of the strength and power of breath the weight continues to reach peg 9 (the limits of safe climbing). but all the hard work finally paid off when we arrived at the end of the climb, feeling very satisfied when see the scenery around the vulcano really can not be described with words. its amazingly beautiful! Just as in the paintings give a very beautiful nature, is truly a gem of a miracle to existing in the Sunda Strait..

krakatau tour

Snorkeling in LEGON CABE
Once satisfied trekking, right back to the speed boat and we will soon be heading to a place that will make us feel more comfortable, a location that is in great Krakatoa. is one of the best snorkeling spots around the territorial waters of Indonesia. Legon as chili, which is quite charming coral. and wide - range of ornamental fish almost everyone who has ever traveled to the child of Krakatoa certainly do not want to miss snorkeling experience at this place. Legon filled by different coral reefs

Snorkeling krakatau 




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